Vini del Salento

Cantine Santa Barbara - Vini del Salento
hree generations of the Giorgiani family have been building this company in Salento, which is a reference point for wine lovers. Great connoisseurs of vines and its grapes, the Giorgianis continue to invest all their time, energy and passion into their enterprise. They prefer to base their wine upon tradition, but also pay attention to the evolution of taste. This is why we find autochthonous vines togheter with the international ones in the vineyards. The sun of Apulia gives a peculiar strenght to modern vines.
Along with the achievemnts of Santa Barbara in recent years there has also been the "rediscovery" of Susumaniello, an ancient and typical vine almost totally forgotten until Pietro Giorgiani, president and oenologist of Cantine Santa Barbara, brought it back to life.
There are people who feel a special devotion for wine. Here, in Salento, it has a millennium old history going back to the amphoraes sent over by ancient Greek colonizers all over the Mediterrean sea. Cantine Santa Barbara is more an open and multifunctional space than a traditional wine plant and inside it Giorgiani created the "Ercole Giorgiani" Oenological Museum Foundation. The chairman of this interesting cultural organization is the father Pietro. His daughters, Maria Rosaria and Marcella, have been contribuiting to the growth of the company for many years. Both sisters are managers with deep roots in San Pietro Vernotico, where there are their vineyards and wine plants.Its is not easy to relate in such a small space the 25 years of sacrifice and success of Giorgiani family. We proudly want to remember that, back in 1982, the great expert Luigi Veronelli in its "Catalogue about the best wines in the world" talked about only a couple of Apulian wine producers: Cantine Santa Barbara was one of them. Santa barbara "sign" around 2 million bottles every year. We will be happy to welcome you in the Cantine in Italian and English.